Crown Reducing/Pruning
Crown reducing trees for size or for a safety purpose. Where possible always cutting back to substantial growth and formation of the trees structure.

Crown Lifting

Raising of the lower canopy of a tree. All trees which are in the proximity of pavements and roads must comply with the Highways act. Trees must be 2.4 meters above the pavement and 5.2 meters above the road, to allow pedestrian and vehicle space.

Crown Thinning

Thinning the trees canopy by removing insignificant branches, removing anything dead, dying and diseased first.

Sectional Felling

The removal of a tree from a confined area in sections with rigging, lowering devices and arboricultural techniques .

Crown Cleaning

The removal of dead, diseased and dangerous branches. Deadwood Removal Deadwood should be removed if there is a safety or public issue, but should be left for a natural habitat for the bugs and the bees, if there is not a safety problem.

Pollarding and Re-pollarding

Suitable specimens of trees can be managed by hard pruning to allow re-growth to form a smaller canopy.

Hedge Trimming and Management

Trimming of hedges to form a compact easily managed shape.

Tree Stump Removal

Quotations can be given on request.

Tree Planting

The supply and planting of whips to semi-mature trees.

Tree Survey and Site Reports

At customers Request.

TPO Application Forms

At customers Request. FREE OF CHARGE.

Woodland Management

Surveys to woodland management schemes.